Temperature: lexical typology and cognition


2. Temperature values

Table 1: different scales for measuring temperature sensation

• Bedford Scale (Bedford 1936) and ASHRAE (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, http://www.ashrae.org/) Scale – for practical reasons

• Hensel (1981) – physiology and psychology

• Lehrer (1974) and Firsching (2009) – linguistic purposes

Two terms

Igbo (Niger-Kongo: Benue-Kongo) – oku ‘hot/warm’ vs. oji ‘cold/cool’ (Firsching 2009) Kilba (Afro-Asiatic: Chadic) – kwakwaɗu ‘hot/warm’ vs. shishi’u ‘cold/cool’ (Firsching 2009) Mwotlap (Austronesian: Oceanic, North Vanuatu) – sɛw ‘hot/warm’ vs. mɔmjij ‘cold/cool’ (François 2015)

Three terms

Yoruba (Niger-Kongo: Benue-Kongo) – gbona ‘hot’ vs. lowooro ‘warm’ vs. tutu ‘cold/cool’ (Firsching 2009).

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